Editor’s Letter #1: April 2016


heyt here

You made it! Welcome, welcome, welcome to Sonic Blume Zine! I’m Savana, the founder, editor-in-chief, and Head Brain in Charge here at SB, and I think it would be pertinent for me to tell you, new pal, a bit about this zine and myself before we go forward!

The idea for this zine spawned from my realization that there really isn’t a music publication out there that doesn’t take itself super seriously. It seems (to me) like almost all music sites are focused on being minimal, professional, news sources; it’s fine and well to have sites like those here and there, but to be honest, they just aren’t that fun to me! I’ve found that so many music publications feel almost sterile and unwelcoming, and I craved a space where I could speak to and about musicians, fans, and other creatives in the industry without feeling pressure to be the Most Knowledgeable Writer, or Most Technically Well Trained Photographer. I don’t believe that the best photos or most interesting interviews have to be made with a $3,000 camera or have to come from the brain of a writer with a master’s degree.

In short, Sonic Blume exists as a happy lil corner of the internet where music fans can congregate to talk about their favorite music, ask their favorite bands/stylists/techs the most pressing questions (I’m only kidding. Maybe.), and show off their own music and art without feeling the pressure to be perfect. We promise to give music fans (you!) a legitimate platform to voice your opinions and share your music and art- not just a tweet or an unseen comment. Our goal is for you to have FUN talking about music, making art, and adding your own voice into the mix.

We sincerely hope that you’ll stick around for all of the fun things we have in store here at SB, and we can’t wait to hear from you soon, k?

Always (and forever),

Savana & the Sonic Blume Team 🌼

PS: Check out our Submissions Page for allllll the info on how & what to submit to Sonic Blume! We are super excited to see what you’ve got!

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