Supporting Local Bands: 101

Photos and words by Carol Padgett

Local artists desperately need the support of their hometown; having a firm foundation and sense of family is fundamental when it comes to building their confidence as musicians. Simply showing up a gig at a small venue or a bar makes such a difference in their development as artists!

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Last year (the end of my sophomore year of high school) I heard about a group of kids at my school that had started a band called Oceanier. Shortly thereafter, they followed me on Twitter, so I checked them out on their Bandcamp– y’know, the whole process you go through when you hear about a new band. I didn’t think much of it because I didn’t know them well (they’re all a grade below me, so I never saw them at school), so I figured that a mutual Twitter follow would be the extent of my contact with the band. A few months later, during the summer, I had heard that they were playing a show at a small local venue. Their guitarist, Nick , direct messaged me through Twitter and asked if I’d be there. A few of my friends had been talking about going so I told him I’d come. Luckily, their show was AMAZING and I immediately fell in love with their music! That night, I took photos of them and told them I’d be there at every show that I could to take photos and support their band.


I honestly never thought our friendship would grow beyond this, but flash forward to today. They’ve played at the Masquerade in Atlanta and are currently working hard in the studio to release their debut album. They are some of my absolute best friends and some of the most hardworking and talented kids I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t be more proud. Go out and support your local artists– you may just find some pals and a new favorite band!

If you want to check out Oceanier’s music (their song “Glass + Bed” is my anthem!), they’re on Bandcamp, Twitter, and Instagram. ✿

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