Playlist: The Characters of Palo Alto

by  Zoë Bridgwater

When I was making these Palo Alto-inspired playlists, I tried to get into both Teddy and April’s mindsets. I ran through the book and movie scenes in my brain and picked songs that reminded me of pivotal moments in both.
For Teddy’s playlist, I wanted to capture the mood of being in his place at those certain moments. For instance when Teddy is at the party, I wanted to choose songs that created the atmosphere of feeling alone even when you are surround by so many others–which I think is how he feels for a lot of the story itself.
For April’s playlist, I wanted to capture the feeling of being sort of bored with how life is going for her. She feels stuck but doesn’t quite know what to do. I put together most of these songs to reference when April is just laying on her bed and thinking.

You can listen to Teddy’s playlist here, and April’s here, both via Spotify.
palo alto1palo alto2