Artist Interview #4: Lim Chae Lim (SNSEMSTLCP)

Interview by Savana Ogburn

Lim Chae- also known as Tumblr user SNSEMSTLCP– makes beautifully detailed watercolor portraits always making her (excellent, if I do say so myself!) music taste evident to viewers. She frequently paints members of The 1975, Years & Years, The Neighborhood, and Troye Sivan, as well as cult favorites Mick Jagger and George Harrison, with a skillful hand. Lim was kind enough to talk to Sonic Blume about her gorgeous art!

lcl3What is your favorite thing about making fan art? 
Um…the opportunity to draw my favorite person. I really, really, really love to listen to music and I love musicians. So, I am almost drawing musicians because I love them and i like drawing my favorite people. I’m not really interested in anything else.
How has making fan art played a role in your growth as an artist?
Drawing fan art requires a steady effort, which is the most important thing to me in terms of my growth as an artist.
What is your favorite piece of fan art you’ve made + why?
I really can’t choose one. I like all of them!


Tell us about the first time you ever made fan art! Who/what inspired it? How old were you?

Oh, my first fan art was a drawing of Eminem! At the time, I was 19 and I really liked Eminem, haha. I was always listening to Eminem’s music, and I stared to collect pictures of him. Ever since then, I’ve been drawing fan art.
How have your tastes changed over the years, and how has that manifested in your art?
When I drew fan art for the first time, my art style was so simple. I liked it for a while, but over the course of a few years, I grew out of that art style and started to dislike it. I wanted to change to a more realistic approach, but I needed more practice!
Which medium is your favorite to work in and why?
I almost always use watercolors. I didn’t like it at first because I had never tried it before. I knew that realistically, I had no other choice! I didn’t have anything but watercolor paints, and I thankfully adapted pretty well to watercolor. Now watercolor is my favorite medium.
lcl4Has your fan art ever been noticed by the subject of the piece? If so, how? What was your reaction and how did this affect your confidence in your art?
Yes, a few musicians have noticed my fan art. I tweet my fan art and update my Tumblr pretty regularly, so when musicians notice my fan art I get really excited! It makes me so happy that I only draw [the musician that noticed me] for a while.  It’s good for me and my art because it always leaves me feeling motivated to draw more.
Who are some of your favorite fan artists and why?
I love Lucas David’s fan art. He has a beautiful art style.


What is your best piece of advice for aspiring artists?

Find your own style! ✿
You can purchase Lim’s  glorious work on Society6 and keep up with her on Tumblr and Instagram!