Interview: Sean Lochridge of Imp of Perverse

Interview by Andrew Sanyshyn, Photos c/o Sean Lochridge

Sean Lochridge is the creative force behind the psychedelic band, Imp of Perverse, as well as the drummer of the Austin, Texas band The Halfways. Imp of Perverse came about for the same reason most musicians start a solo project: they want something that is one hundred percent unique to themselves. Sean dives into his solo project with a mindset that is drenched in psychedelia, sprinkled with folk, and topped off with intricate drumming. I spoke with him recently about his foundations in music, the best live show he’s ever played, and some of his favorite bands.

Do you feel like you relate to other bands or is it difficult to associate yourself with other artists?

Not particularly, if I play a bunch of shows with the same band I usually begin to feel like I can relate to them to a certain degree, but mostly it just reinforces a sense of community with other groups.


How important do you think drugs are for the current psychedelic scene? Do you think they’re necessary, or just an accessory?

I don’t think they’ve ever been a necessity; there are people who do and have done drugs who didn’t create anything, and there are people who make some completely unique and interesting things that have never done drugs. While I’m sure there are bands that try and project a certain image, possibly drug-related, in most instances I think there are just some bands who happen to do drugs as well as play music, regardless of genre. It seems more an accessory for someone like Miley Cyrus, whose fan base is younger and probably has less experience with drugs, so that image can act seem like more shock value than it would elsewhere. In my opinion, reverb has become the abused accessory of modern psychedelic music.

Are you more comfortable recording music or playing live?

It varies, usually I find recording very frustrating but the reward is so great that it’s worth it. In the moment that it’s happening, playing live is much more exhilarating in most cases.


If you could write a song with any musician, living or deceased, who would it be?

Jonny Greenwood, although I don’t know what I could contribute to that collaboration. I’d be happy enough just to watch his songwriting process.

What was the most fun show you’ve ever played and why?

[My favorite would be] a house show that I threw a few years back with an old band- our house was packed and everyone was going bananas. During the last band, people were crowd surfing all around the living room; we had a super low ceiling so it looked like people were just crawling around it above everyone. It was definitely the most wild show I’ve ever played.

What was the first instrument you played and how did that come about?

Piano lessons when I was in the third or fourth grade. I wish I had stuck with it, but I was too stubborn for my own good.

If you could only listen to one record for the rest of your life, what record would you choose?

Probably Lost Souls by Doves.


Do you have any upcoming projects or shows that you’re excited for?

I started recording the next Halfways album; it’ll be a lot of fun to see how it all turns out. Then I’m going on tour in July. I just got asked to add drums to a song for a friends project called Caterwaulrus which was awesome. I should also have two new Imp of Perverse EPs finished by the end of summer. There are a few other possibilities but nothing set in stone yet; I’m just trying to keep busy.

What was the first show you ever attended?

Rush, I think it was their 40th anniversary tour.

Give us three bands you’re currently obsessed with…

Stereolab, Cruyff in the Bedroom, and Metal Feathers. ✿

Keep up with Sean and Imp of Perverse on Facebook, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp.