Playlist: Dream Prom

Words and playlist by Kylie Obermeier, art by Madeline Keyes-Levine

If your prom was anything like mine, the DJ was on point with the let’s-get-this-party-started jams (“Low” by T-Pain anyone?) but was a real mess in the slow jamz department. Despite now being an ancient crone, I am still very obsessed with making the perfect collection of magical songs to soundtrack the prom of my dreams. I was of course inspired by all the great cinematic prom scenes (Virgin Suicides, Freaks and Geeks, Pretty in Pink) but I didn’t want the playlist to be stuck in any one decade. I picked songs spanning from the 50’s to 2016 that all evoke immediate nostalgia but hopefully add up to a timeless whole.

Slooooow dance to Kylie’s magical prom soundtrack on Spotify.


prom playlist photo