The Strokes at Capitol Theatre

Words and photos by Megan Schaller

There’s a very special magic in the air at any Strokes show, rare as those shows may be nowadays. Capitol Theatre, however, was an electric universe of its own. The surprise – but not unexpected – concert kicked off a magnetic week of New York City Strokes mania – a spontaneous EP release, a week-long pop-up shop, and a bewitching Governor’s Ball headlining set. Weeks later, I’m still reeling.

For a little Baltimore girl, getting to this show wasn’t easy. Granted, it was a lot easier for me than it was for the legions of cross-country and international fans that changed flights to attend this show. Tickets sold out in under a second, and despite my best refreshing attempts on four separate devices, I still had to buy mine from a ridiculously overpriced scalper. Likewise, I was tasked with the difficulty of attending a show four hours away from home, and then making it back in time for school the next day. Ah, the simple joys of being an eighteen-year-old girl. Totally worth it.

There’s something truly beautiful in having a favorite band, a band that makes you abandon your relatively sane morals in favor of a 21st century groupie lifestyle. For me, that band is The Strokes. There’s no feeling quite like that of being surrounded by a crowd of strangers whose heartbeats skip in the exact same exact pattern when they hear the first twang of the Reptilia bassline. These photos, along with my fading bruises, are tangible proof of the awe-inspiring power of seeing these five sonic magicians in the comfort of an intimate Port Chester theatre. Thank you, The Strokes and Capitol Theatre, for May 31st, 2016 – a night of passion and energy that I relive every time I close my eyes.