Live Photos: The Frights

Words and photos by Carol Padgett

The Frights, a ‘surf-garage-punk’ band from San Diego, have stolen the hearts of many with their super-surfy guitar riffs and charming lyrics about love and life. I had the honor of snapping photos and chatting with the band after their show at the Masquerade in Atlanta on July 31st. Their shows are always filled with so much life and spirit, and though their riffs resemble 50’s style surf tunes, they truly embody youth and our current generation’s love for art and letting loose.

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Interview: The VeeVees

Photos and Interview by Kaiti Bowers

The first time I saw The VeeVees perform live, I witnessed a show unlike any other I’d seen before. The way their beats and lyrics hold an audience captive and allow you not only to witness their set, but truly experience it with them is something seldom found at shows. The lead singer, Detroit-native Sophia Urista, has the most electrifying stage presence, and accompanied by Andrea Belfiore on the drums, Garrett Cillo on the electric guitar, and Art Novoselsky slapping the bass, this band’s fun, funky, and soulful style of rock n’ roll is an act you’ll definitely want to see for yourself. I had the chance to sit down at Pete’s Tavern in the heart of Manhattan and share some food and beer with Art and Garrett before their headlining show at Irving Plaza. We talked about their muses, music, style, and how this powerhouse of a rock band came to be.

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Interview: Mattea Pyette

Interview by Savana Ogburn, photos courtesy of Mattea Pyette.

The title of Mattea Pyette’s debut album, Mindless, is the polar opposite of how I’d describe the 17 year old singer-songwriter- Mindless is a beautiful folk-pop album recorded in Pyette’s own DIY recording studio as part of an incredibly ambitious creative writing project. The album is permeated with rich acoustic guitar sounds and raw, emotional lyrics that are instantly relatable for…just about anyone with a heart. Mattea was kind enough to chat with me over the phone and tell me all about her love for music, DIY production, and the artists that inspire her to be the killer musician and lyricist that she is!

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Zine: Illegally Blonde

By Elise Montemayor

These artists bring nostalgia and inspiration into my life through their music, which has shaped me into the young woman I am today. They inspire me to be me and love who I am. They’ve even inspired me to pursue music producing in the future, and to be a powerful woman in the music industry, which frequently can feel like such a “boys club”. But they also show me that I am not alone in this world. And when I’m older, I will listen that Hilary Duff song (because I’m sentimental nerd!) and feel those fuzzy nostalgic feelings. That feeling that everything will be ok.

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Sonic Blume Print Issue #1!

by Savana



FEATURING….Exclusive interviews with the incredible ladies behind Florence Welch’s book club, Between Two Books, Rolling Stone writer Brittany Spanos, and the rad feminist activist group Girls Against!, DIYs by Kylie and Andrea, a heartbreaking essay about The Strokes (and a coloring sheet!) by Megan S., beautiful photos by Lauren and Angela, playlists by Lennon and Avery, and a full-page Beyonce Party graphic by Maddie and moi!!!!

We are enormously proud of this issue and SO excited for you to see it IRL ❤ preorders will be shipped on AUGUST 15TH! You can grab one here for just $6!

See ya soon, IRL!

✿ Savana + the Sonic Blume Team

Interview: Elyss Daya

By Savana Ogburn

Elyss Daya is a 17 year old singer-songwriter from London who has a knack for creating pure, sparkling, indie-electro PERFECTION. The proof is all in her debut EP, Brilliance, which she wrote, recorded, and produced all by herself! From the EP’s eponymous opening track, listeners are met with atmospheric synth sounds which crescendo into a heart-stopping explosion of acoustic guitars and bouncing drum beats, and it only gets better from there. Read on to learn more about Elyss’ songwriting and recording process, where she finds inspiration, and her best tips for overcoming stage fright.

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Golden Record: Two Playlists in Collaboration with HERpothesis!

Playlists by Savana Ogburn, Kylie Obermeier, Jo Guelas, and Megan Schaller.

X-Files joke by Maddie Keyes-Levine. 😉

Here at Sonic Blume, we LOVE finding and supporting fellow zines and creators. HERpothesis, Alex Hanson’s amazing zine by and for young women in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), is one of our absolute favorites! When Alex asked us to collab on HERpothesis’s very own Golden Record project, we were STOKED!

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