DIY Lyric Tee Shirt

By Lennon Walter

Remember the puffy fabric paint you used to decorate your old clothes with? Let’s take this allll the way back to 2012, because this tutorial is here to help you make the band t-shirt of your dreams!

tee shirt1

You will need:

  • Puffy fabric paint
  • An old t-shirt
  • Pen/pencil/marker
  • A piece of cardboard (I used the back of a notebook)
  • Song lyrics- really anything you want, but shorter lyrics will be easier. Since this shirt is for my 12 year old sister, I used lyrics from one of her favorite songs: Fight Song by Rachel Platten.


  1. First, lay out your t-shirt and place the cardboard under the area that you’ll be decorating.


2. Then, write out your lyrics on the shirt using the pen/pencil/marker. Even though the ink will come out in the wash, try and make it as neat as possible so the next step is easier.


3. Veeeerryyyy carefully, trace over the lyrics with the puffy paint. You might be tempted to rush this step, but go slowly.


And you’re done! Let the paint dry overnight, and then show off your favorite lyrics with style. ✿

Lennon is a photographer from Washington, D.C. He was born in 2001 and enjoys reading, eating popsicles, traveling, and going to the movies. He wrote this bio during math class. You can follow him on Instagram and his blog, or you can take a look at his website