Playlist: Early 2000s Indie

By Maya Alfia

How could we forget the early 2000’s? We were adjusting our top 8 friends on MySpace, watching The Simple Life, and zipping up our Juicy Couture tracksuits. I have a weird fascination with this era; when I look back on it, I remember not only our horrible fashion trends but also the turn of culture: we began to embrace celebrities and follow their every move (see: reality shows). The day Britney shaved her head is engraved in my mind. We remember Paris Hilton’s days in jail but we seem to have forgotten one of the things that made the 2000’s great: its indie & rock artists. These songs will help you pick the perfect lyrics for your AIM away message.

2000s binder pl

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Maya Alfia is a professional teenage girl from Long Island, New York. She enjoys eating mangoes and writing for Beyond the Stage, Sonic Blume, and other less cool stuff. She hopes you think she’s as cool as her dog thinks she is.