Playlist: The Connection

Playlist by Elena Robustelli, art by Savana Ogburn

I’ll be frank- I’m usually pretty guarded. I’m careful to always prioritize protecting my heart and using my mind in all scenarios. But this summer, I learned that you can try to put up walls, but one day, someone will come along and tear them down. Whether a friend or a romance, you’ll connect with an individual on a deep level, even if you thought it was absolutely impossible. For whatever reason, you won’t worry about what you say or how you say it or what you feel. This person will pick at your scabbed heart and will appreciate your beautiful rawness under the scar tissue. And they’ll love you. Perhaps without even realizing it, you’ll be shamelessly open. You’ll live again. And I promise it will be equally exciting as it is terrifying. I cherry picked some songs that to me, capture this feeling of a connectivity I, and maybe you, had previously never known. This summer and this person have taught me that the key to happiness is the willingness to be vulnerable. So put yourself out there and let people in, cautious kids. It will be worth it.

the conn pl

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