Playlist: Parisian Reverie

I first happened upon the film Amelie a few years back while browsing through Netflix, and everything about the movie had me entranced. The storyline is enchanting and the color palette is totally Wes Anderson-esque, making it even more incredible. Basically, I couldn’t get enough of it. I made all my friends watch it, and even forced my dad to sit through it one night; since then, Amelie has taken a comfortable spot in my list of favorite movies. This summer, I had the incredible opportunity to spend some time in the stunning city of Paris, and I managed to fall in love with the place in only three days. Since then all of my inspiration has come from my short visit to the city of light. I rewatched Amelie recently, and after being in the setting of the film, I knew I had to create something inspired by it. So, I put together a few songs that embrace and reflect the feeling of Amelie and Paris itself. Enjoy!



Listen to the playlist on Spotify. ✿

Avery Kelly is a 17 year old artist, concert queen, and overall creative-of-sorts. She hails from from Portland and currently shoots and writes for Sonic Blume and Veracious Media. She lives her life dangerously close to Lindsay Weir’s, living in oversized jackets and trying to be cooler than she actually is.