Feature: Psychic Wave

By Sam Hsu and Psychic Wave

Since the inception of Sonic Blume, we’ve had the pleasure of working with California-based psych rock band, Psychic Wave. We’ve premiered their music video for the killer song, “Fight Back”, and Drew (P. W.’s lead singer) has created some amazing work for us too! All in all, we’re mad inspired by their vibey, psychedelic music and love having them onboard- from creating not only music, but also visual art including a clothing line, they’re total creative masterminds- and we think you should be too. Without further adieu, here’s Sonic Blume and Psychic Wave’s very first collaboration, featuring photos and an interview by the talented Sam Hsu.


Sam Hsu: How/when did Psychic Wave come to be? Were you guys a band or a clothing company first?

Drew Sanyshyn: Psychic Wave was the name I started publishing music under even before I had any real recording equipment. It was mostly synthesizers and really low quality vocals. That was about 2 years ago. We’ve just begun recording with real instruments at the beginning of this year. So its always been music first, then the clothing company was a way to make money doing art.

How did you guys meet?

Drew: We met in junior high but didn’t start hanging out until Summer 2012.

Tess Sullivan: We spent most days that summer just laying around listening to music. He would play guitar sometimes.


Why did you decide to form a band?

Drew: Music has always been something Tess and I have bonded over, and our tastes are very similar, so it just made sense. We needed something to do that felt productive and kept us interested.

Tess: It was our dream to be in a band. Music has always been a huge part of both our lives and we wanted to do something creative together.

Why did you decide to form a clothing company?

Drew: I want to make art for a living, whether it’s music, photography, film, or printing shirts. I love buying band shirts so it seemed like a fun thing to do but would also bring in some cash.


Where do you get most of your inspiration from? What’s the writing process for your music? Where do you get inspiration for your art?

Drew: I get inspiration from the music we listen to. When we go to shows, all I want to do once it’s over is play music. I keep a journal and write in it daily, so the lyrics come from that. Our process for writing music is different every time. But usually it starts with keyboard, a drum track, or guitar riff. Then we add and subtract where necessary until it feels done. For every song we put out, there’s about ten that just died along the way. We finish the ones that we lock into. Sometimes a song has an awesome vibe but when we come back to it the next day we can’t find that same feeling. We let them live and die without much worry.

Tess: Yeah, the music we’re listening to on a daily basis inspires all our art. It’s usually a mix of new music that caught our attention and some old favorites. Our writing process has always been different with our music. Sometimes Drew will already have specific vocals or guitar in mind and other times we just jam all day until we find a cool vibe.


Favorite bands/artists at the moment?

Drew: For me it’s Sunflower Bean, MGMT (always), Iris, T.Rex, & Diane Coffee.
Tess: Cherry Glazerr, Tame Impala, Sunflower Bean, Radiohead, & T.Rex.

How would you describe the band’s “aesthetic”?

Drew: This one is tough because I’m not good at seeing us from others perspectives. I’d like to think we give off friendly and artistic vibes but you can never be sure. We’re a culmination of all our favorite people, music, places, and experiences.

Tess: I’m the same way, I don’t really know what we seem like to others. We’re having fun experimenting and trying to find our own style. ✿

Andrew Sanyshyn is a 22 year old artist, musician, and photographer from Southern California. He’s currently the lead singer/guitarist for the band Psychic Wave, as well as their creative director. He enjoys going to shows in Los Angeles, roadtrips to Joshua Tree, and pushing his mind as far as it will go. His favorite bands always change, but currently they are Sunflower Bean, Diane Coffee, and Fly Golden Eagle.
Sam Hsu is a Taiwanese-American photographer and writer based in Los Angeles, CA. Her main focus is music and press photography, interviews, and writing about anything and everything that has to deal with the music she loves. She’s also super passionate about style, traveling, and a band called The Maine.