Photos: The Julie Ruin at Wrecking Ball

By Savana Ogburn

I recently had the opportunity to see one of my favorite bands, The Julie Ruin, at one of my very favorite venues, The Masquerade. Sadly, The Masquerade is on its way out (a loud HISS at the soul suckers who wanna gut it), but they gave us one last hurrah by way of Wrecking Ball fest. I couldn’t have been happier to ~cheers~ to the venue I’ve grown up in by watching TJR play a killer set on the mainstage- I’m in love with their new album, Hit Reset, and was absolutely giddy throughout the entire performance. Highlights included: Kathleen’s intro for “Be Nice” (similar story here, at 3:30), “Mr. So and So“, a cover of Courtney Barnett’s “Pedestrian at Best” that made me wanna weep ’cause I LOVE THAT SONG, and obviously Kenny Mellman’s amazing Lisa Frank tee shirt.

Here are a few of my painted film photos from their set (and a couple of other Wrecking Ball festivities).

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Savana Ogburn is an 18 year old photographer, avid DIYer, and pop music enthusiast located in Atlanta, Georgia. She currently makes art for Rookie, Highlight Magazine, and Sonic Blume (of which she is the founder & editor-in-chief). Savana currently lives and works from her local Chili’s, which she hasn’t left in 6 years. You can keep up with her mozzarella stick escapades on TwitterInstagram and her website.