Photoset: An Ode To Summer Music

By Sam Hsu

As somebody who has never been to a music festival in the dead of summer, I can’t even begin to imagine what it feels like to dance my heart out in the middle of the desert. However, what I can imagine is being on a road trip in August with a handful of friends on a foggy 90-degree day, safe from heatstroke in the car with the AC on all the way. Oh, and with the sunset just in front of us – you know, like when the sky turns that perfect shade of pink, red, and orange? Or a few hours later, when it’s dark out, the stars are all out full on display, and the wind gets cold? There are songs out there that remind me of those exact moments. The music you listen to in the summer seems to stick with you a million times more than any other time of the year, but none of us have the exact same feeling when we listen to it. That was my main inspiration for this shoot. Songs like “Dragging Your Feet In The Mud” and “From A Tire Swing” by Lydia… It’s impossible to put into images or words what your exact feelings are, but here’s my take.

Thanks to Sami Harris for modeling.


Sam Hsu is a Taiwanese-American photographer and writer based in Los Angeles, CA. Her main focus is music and press photography, interviews, and writing about anything and everything that has to deal with the music she loves. She’s also super passionate about style, traveling, and a band called The Maine.