Photoset: Hero Worship

By Jua O’Kane

One of my greatest inspirations is Kwon Jiyong/G-Dragon the frontman of the South Korean boyband BigBang. He’s a rapper who writes and produce the majority of the band’s music as well as conceptualizing their music videos, and he’s also really into fashion and visual art! The ways he inspires me are endless; his androgynous sense of style has helped me come to terms with my gender dysphoria, the visuals in his music videos have influenced the imagery in my own work and his general philosophy/approach to life really helps me to get up everyday and keep creating.

This photoset is about my relationship with him and how I find empowerment through his music and presence. Obsessing over boybands is seen as such a vapid, teen-girl thing to do so I wanted to present the weight and importance this relationship holds for me artistically! Fanart is really important to me because of how close it makes me feel to my favourite bands.



Jua O’Kane is an illustrator and photographer from Ireland with a slight obsession for Korean music. You can find her on Instagram or Tumblr.