Monster Mash: a Playlist in Photos

By Ellie Bonifant

Every year I round up a group of pals and head downtown for a Monster Mash featuring photography and fun makeup. Despite a hurricane, a power outage, and more than a few fallen trees, the tradition continued this October. Here are the pictures from this year accompanied by a collection of my favorite spooky tunes. Hope you enjoy!

Thanks to Ava for helping with makeup.

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Photo Diary: AFROPUNK

By T’Shauna Henry

This past weekend,at 787 Windsor, I attended Atlanta’s AFROPUNK Fest. Ever since I first heard about the music festival last year- it’s meant to be a gathering for the young black alternative (weird) kids- I knew immediately that I wanted to go. Last year’s AFROPUNK was sadly cancelled due to the weather condition, but luckily this year’s festival was able to withstand any weather challenges.

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How to Dye Your Hair with goodDYEyoung! (+ a bonus playlist)

By Savana Ogburn

You may have caught my not-so-subtle love letter to hair, music, and Paramore on the site last month, and if you did, you know how absolutely in love I am with goodDYEyoung– Paramore frontwoman, Hayley Williams, and her amazing hair and makeup artist, Brian O’Connor’s, brand new hair dye line. It perfectly encapsulates all of the things I love: DIY, music (my favorite band, Paramore, specifically!), and HAIR! So when the sweet as can be goodDYEyoung team reached out about sending Sonic Blume some dye to play around with, we haaaad to say yes!

I thought that since you all have already seen the final product of a GDY hair dye party, it might be helpful to show the process as well. So, without further ado, here is Sonic Blume’s foolproof way to get the rainbow hair you’ve always wanted using goodDYEyoung, and a fun playlist to jam while you’re doin’ it!


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Photo Diary: Rocky Horror Picture Show

By Ellie Bonifant

I’ve been obsessed with Rocky Horror Picture Show since middle school, even though I didn’t actually get to go until I was 15. It’s such a fun experience, being able to scream-sing, rock out, and dress like the most glamorous space alien around. I have always loved the glitz and glam mixed with cult-classic punk rock aesthetic. The pictures and collage center around the process of getting ready for the show, and are all of my friend Sarah. Enjoy!

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Call for Submissions!

Hi guys! It’s been real fun sending the SB team’s heart-contents to ya twice a week for the past few months (and even more fun when you HELD US IN YOUR HANDS, IRL!). We are SO flattered and grateful at/for the love and support you’ve thrown our way- we couldn’t, and wouldn’t, do it without ya!

However, as I (Savana) and a few of our contributors adjust to ~college life~ for the very first time, we need to take a little break from posting on the site. So: Sonic Blume will be operating on a submissions-only basis for the indefinite future!

That means that Sonic Blume is essentially in your hands, dear reader! Since we won’t be posting on a regular schedule, it’s up to you to submit the music-related work  that you want the world to see! We’ll be posting your submissions as we have time to, and can’t wait to see the brilliance that you throw our way. No pressure. 🙂

Thanks a million for the love + see you in our inbox soon!

✿, Savana

Playlist: I’ll See You On the Road

By Sam Hsu

I’m pretty sure you know the feeling you get when you listen to a few specific songs during specific events, and a few weeks later, you listen to those songs again, and they magically transport you back to those events. The following songs encompass all of the feelings I felt on my month-long trip to Taipei, Hong Kong, and Shanghai this past January. These songs tell my stories of a friend from Taipei named Pierre, 14-hour plane rides, and being in places that are both familiar and unfamiliar all at the same time. They’re also the songs I cry to and write to when I decide I want to drown in nostalgia. Welcome to my brain.

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