Playlist: I’ll See You On the Road

By Sam Hsu

I’m pretty sure you know the feeling you get when you listen to a few specific songs during specific events, and a few weeks later, you listen to those songs again, and they magically transport you back to those events. The following songs encompass all of the feelings I felt on my month-long trip to Taipei, Hong Kong, and Shanghai this past January. These songs tell my stories of a friend from Taipei named Pierre, 14-hour plane rides, and being in places that are both familiar and unfamiliar all at the same time. They’re also the songs I cry to and write to when I decide I want to drown in nostalgia. Welcome to my brain.


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Sam Hsu is a Taiwanese-American photographer and writer based in Los Angeles, CA. Her main focus is music and press photography, interviews, and writing about anything and everything that has to deal with the music she loves. She’s also super passionate about style, traveling, and a band called The Maine.