Call for Submissions!

Hi guys! It’s been real fun sending the SB team’s heart-contents to ya twice a week for the past few months (and even more fun when you HELD US IN YOUR HANDS, IRL!). We are SO flattered and grateful at/for the love and support you’ve thrown our way- we couldn’t, and wouldn’t, do it without ya!

However, as I (Savana) and a few of our contributors adjust to ~college life~ for the very first time, we need to take a little break from posting on the site. So: Sonic Blume will be operating on a submissions-only basis for the indefinite future!

That means that Sonic Blume is essentially in your hands, dear reader! Since we won’t be posting on a regular schedule, it’s up to you to submit the music-related work  that you want the world to see! We’ll be posting your submissions as we have time to, and can’t wait to see the brilliance that you throw our way. No pressure. 🙂

Thanks a million for the love + see you in our inbox soon!

✿, Savana