How to Dye Your Hair with goodDYEyoung! (+ a bonus playlist)

By Savana Ogburn

You may have caught my not-so-subtle love letter to hair, music, and Paramore on the site last month, and if you did, you know how absolutely in love I am with goodDYEyoung– Paramore frontwoman, Hayley Williams, and her amazing hair and makeup artist, Brian O’Connor’s, brand new hair dye line. It perfectly encapsulates all of the things I love: DIY, music (my favorite band, Paramore, specifically!), and HAIR! So when the sweet as can be goodDYEyoung team reached out about sending Sonic Blume some dye to play around with, we haaaad to say yes!

I thought that since you all have already seen the final product of a GDY hair dye party, it might be helpful to show the process as well. So, without further ado, here is Sonic Blume’s foolproof way to get the rainbow hair you’ve always wanted using goodDYEyoung, and a fun playlist to jam while you’re doin’ it!


What you’ll need…


  • The goodDYEyoung colors of your choice! I chose to dye my hair a deep purple, so I used two bottles of Ex-Girl, (a shade of pink reminiscent of Gwen Stefani’s AMAZING 90’s do), one bottle of Blue Ruin, and a little bit of Fader (and unpigmented dye used to lighten or extend the amount of color you have) mixed together. You can check out the GDY colors here– they’re all intermixable for ~maximum creative control~, so go nuts!
  • Plastic gloves- unless you want to dye your hands, too, of course 🙂
  • Tint/dye brush
  • A comb
  • Petroleum jelly
  • A dye bowl (I just use an old rubbermaid container)
  • An old tee shirt and towels
  • Hair clips
  • A pal to help you!

Here we go!


1. First, head on over to SB’s ~exclusive~ hair dye party playlist and hit play! Good tunes are crucial for any hair dye party.


Before! This peachy color is faded out Ex-Girl.

2. Protect your skin and counter from unwanted dye stains by putting on that old tee shirt, putting an old towel down onto your workspace, and wrapping a towel around your neck! Then, put some petroleum jelly all around your hairline and on your ears. This keeps dye from staining your skin. Have whoever will be handling the dye put on those gloves, too!



3. Mix your dye! If you opt to create a custom color, take into consideration how light or dark you want your final color to be, and what color undertones you’d like it to have. For example, I wanted a nice dark purple with pink-y undertones, so I started out by squeezing two whole bottles of Ex-Girl into my dye bowl, and then about 1/3 of the bottle of Blue Ruin, so it wouldn’t overpower the pink. I knew that I probably wouldn’t have enough dye to do my whole head (I have really thick hair), so I mixed in about a third of a bottle of Fader (GDY’s colorless mixing medium) to stretch the amount of dye that I had. This barely affected the color and totally did the job!

If you’re not sure about how many bottles of dye to order, remember that it’s always better to have too much than not enough. You might also need a lil extra for touchups later  🙂

(Keep in mind that if your hair is naturally dark, the colors will show up as a tint. If that’s not the look you’re going for, you’ll need to bleach it first. We always recommend seeing a professional, but it’s totally possible to go blonde at home, especially with the help of YouTube!)


my cute mom painting my hair and my roommate’s antics were enough to crack me up, apparently.

4. Separate your hair into a few sections to make it easier to manage by pinning the section you don’t want to dye on top of your head. I have super thick hair, so I separated it into three sections. This helps ensure that you coat each strand evenly! Once you’ve clipped your hair up, start coating it in dye one  ~1-inch piece at a time. Make sure to get your roots! Repeat, one layer at a time, until your whole head is covered in dye.


thanks, debbie!!!

5. Smush it all into a lil ponytail and let it sit for at least 30 minutes!

wsahing out.jpg

look at that shaggy undercut! #fashion

6. Rinse it out with COLD water! Even if I’m planning to get in the shower after, I always wash out as much as I can in the bathtub, just to keep from getting dye stains all over my back. No need to shampoo it! Just rinse until the water runs clear.


hair flipping will expedite the dry time but could result in a bang-over tomorrow. try at yr own risk!

7. Let it dry either naturally or with a hair dryer, and BOOM! As the super cute GDY instructional comic says, YOU’RE A TECHNICOLOR DREAM!

Check out goodDYEyoung on their website, Twitter, and Instagram. If you try out this tutorial, please tag us! We wanna see your creaaations! ✿