Photo Diary: AFROPUNK

By T’Shauna Henry

This past weekend,at 787 Windsor, I attended Atlanta’s AFROPUNK Fest. Ever since I first heard about the music festival last year- it’s meant to be a gathering for the young black alternative (weird) kids- I knew immediately that I wanted to go. Last year’s AFROPUNK was sadly cancelled due to the weather condition, but luckily this year’s festival was able to withstand any weather challenges.

Seeing so many wonderful artists perform was such an amazing experience, along with meeting people who were spreading nothing but love and serving mad LOOKS. I was so glad to be at AFROPUNK all weekend, but one performance that stole my soul was definitely Lion Babe, the closing act for the festival. (I took these two pictures of  lead singer Jillian Hervey, one in front of *of course* lions, and the other is a still I took of her performing.)
In addition to the music and people, there were so many cool paintings and murals at AFROPUNK that I took pictures of, specifically the 787 mural (I blended the AFROPUNK logo on top of it).
This festival was definitely one for the books, and I’m so glad to have been in the midst of it all. I’m sad that it’s over, but I’m ready for next year!
T’Shauna Henry is an aspiring all-around artist (dancer/choreographer, actress/director/filmmaker, photographer and writer) based in Atlanta, Ga. Her hobbies include going off about Star Wars (especially Oscar Isaac and John Boyega), reading StormPilot fanfics, laying in fake grass, watching Netflix sobbing about how it’s nearly impossible to catch up to all the shows, making up corny jokes and talking to herself out loud when nobody is around.