Playlist: Paradise Ride

By Alice Gray

I’ve been prepping my whole life for this moment.  Kind of kidding, kind of not.  I grew up in San Diego and I grew up curating playlists for the sole purpose of watching the ocean go by from my car seat.  We didn’t take our paradise for granted.  We soaked up the beauty of the beach whenever we could, no matter how inconvenient.  My high school memories look like a glittering montage of me and my girlfriends in old convertibles, driving fast, music loud, hair in the wind and singing/shouting as loud as possible.  Those are some of my best memories.  

And out of that collection of memories, night rides are the most vivid- moonlit shore, blasting the heat to counteract the cold sea air and an indescribable feeling of magical anticipation for where the night would take us.  Teenage Freedom.  The soundtrack to these moments was crucial.  I held the power of our emotions in my playlist and couldn’t wait to show everyone my new discoveries.  Don’t get me wrong, part of me just wanted to catch the skater boys’ attention, but they were extras in our movie- my girls were the stars. So this playlist is a little of everything-  Nostalgia, daydreams, elation, and freedom.  My hope is to take you on a little ride through paradise.

Listen to Paradise Ride on Spotify.


Alice Gray is a graphic designer and singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA.  She works as a graphic designer for a boutique social media firm by day and spends her nights writing songs with talented musicians.  She has a passion for all things creative, leaving her with way too many hobbies to keep track of. But her main focus is writing music for anyone that feels alone or scared, because she’s right there with them-figuring it out one step at a time.