Playlist: Space is the Place

By Jessica Roman

I’ve always been fascinated with the vastness of space. It’s quite amazing how small we really are in comparison to the never ending void beyond our little Earth. Just recently NASA discovered seven new Earth-sized planets 40 light years away!! With its techno beats and wavy melodies, I compiled this space inspired playlist featuring a variety of artists such as Father John Misty and Mac Demarco. Hope you enjoy!

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STARMAN: An Homage to David Bowie

Collages and writing by Andrea MG

David Bowie has this album called The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars it’s about an extraterrestrial rock star who comes to Earth and tries to save the world through his music. I love that album. I’m huge fan of music, and he is, by far, one of my favorite musicians. He was so important for all of the people who felt different and strange and I’m definitely one of them.

For me, Bowie was pretty extraordinary.

Here’s to Bowie and his fans.

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