Why Christine and the Queens is Queen

by Serena Zets, photo by Megan Schaller

I have never encountered a musician who is as polished yet raw as Christine and The Queens.

Christine and The Queens is the stage name of acclaimed French musician Héloïse Letissie; the name is fitting because Letissie is queen in every sense of the word. I first heard her work during a performance on The Daily Show and I was hooked from then on. Her electric dance moves and catchy lyrics sent me down the boundless rabbit hole of Youtube interviews and performances. The more I learned about her, the more I loved her.


Letissie identifies as pansexual and her persona gave me a modern queer role model in the days that I mourned David Bowie. Her music and performance evokes early Bowie in many ways by manipulating musical genre as well as gender roles. I recommend listening to her hit English translated single “Tilted” as well as its original French song “Christine”. Additionally, her cover of Beyonce’s “Sorry” is, dare I say, flawless. In my eyes, Christine and The Queens can do no wrong and I can’t wait until the rest of the world sees her the way I do.

Her music can be found here, on Spotify, and on her debut English EP, “Christine and The Queens”.

Serena Zets is a 16 year old student and writer from Pittsburgh. She can usually be found in her room dancing to Dua Lipa and at her Instagram handle @serena_zets.