Playlist: You Only Need Yourself

By Amanda Headley

This playlist is dedicated to the three stages I experienced during and after my first heartbreak: I went from weepy to angry to empowered. The songs included in each playlist are the songs that got me through the pain; each made me realize I am going to be okay; that there is beauty in the hurt.

Heartbreak Hotel: Located at the end of lonely street, the place you go when your heart is broken. Enjoy your stay, embrace your sad.
Over it, Darling: After you’ve wiped those tears, the inevitable hurt turns to eventual acceptance (and a tad bit of anger; that’s okay).
Rise Up: Wounds heal, tears dry, and scars mend. Time to march on your own. You’ve got this!


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Amanda Headley is a poet, photographer, and coffee concierge from Arizona. See more of her work on Instagram: @inheryouth_.