Music Rec: Mirel Wagner

A few weeks ago, I came across a playlist on Spotify called Coffee + Inked Fingers. It included the song Oak Tree by Mirel Wagner; the song spoke to me and was so mesmerizing, so gloomy. I fell in love the moment she sang the first note. So I immediately researched, listened, and downloaded more songs from her.

Times when I feel alone, or isolated, I now turn to Mirel Wagner, who is a true storyteller; she’s a poet who weaves engrossing tales from our desolate reality. From a horror show of smiling faces to a tale of necrophilia, this artist creates such haunting masterpieces. Her coffin-like records keep those hidden things within you company, when you don’t wish to utter a word. Her haunting, intimate, compelling vocals instantly draw you and contains so much more depth than most cliche coffee house folk music. It is she who accompanies the darkness that gathers in corners of your room, under floorboards and in your mind. I assure you, her world is inviting. Each song a lullaby without any notion of ‘sweet dreams’.

Listen to my favorite Mirel Wagner songs on Spotify here.
Amanda Headley is a poet, photographer, and coffee concierge from Arizona. See more of her work on Instagram: @inheryouth_.