Interview: Grey…

Interview by Savana

When punk musician, writer, and DIYer Grey… wrote in about her new song, Hand in the Grave, I knew that we absolutely had to pick her brain in an interview. Grey…’s lyrics are blunt, honest, and infused with a passion that’s absolutely impossible to ignore. Grey…’s work encompasses just about every media you can imagine- from music to crafts to clothing to writing- and maintains her vibrant voice throughout them all. Read on for a sneak peek at Grey…’s upcoming EP, Clown in Residence, her artwork, and her golden advice to fellow young artists.

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Music Rec: Mirel Wagner

A few weeks ago, I came across a playlist on Spotify called Coffee + Inked Fingers. It included the song Oak Tree by Mirel Wagner; the song spoke to me and was so mesmerizing, so gloomy. I fell in love the moment she sang the first note. So I immediately researched, listened, and downloaded more songs from her.

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Feature: Psychic Wave

By Sam Hsu and Psychic Wave

Since the inception of Sonic Blume, we’ve had the pleasure of working with California-based psych rock band, Psychic Wave. We’ve premiered their music video for the killer song, “Fight Back”, and Drew (P. W.’s lead singer) has created some amazing work for us too! All in all, we’re mad inspired by their vibey, psychedelic music and love having them onboard- from creating not only music, but also visual art including a clothing line, they’re total creative masterminds- and we think you should be too. Without further adieu, here’s Sonic Blume and Psychic Wave’s very first collaboration, featuring photos and an interview by the talented Sam Hsu.

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Interview: The VeeVees

Photos and Interview by Kaiti Bowers

The first time I saw The VeeVees perform live, I witnessed a show unlike any other I’d seen before. The way their beats and lyrics hold an audience captive and allow you not only to witness their set, but truly experience it with them is something seldom found at shows. The lead singer, Detroit-native Sophia Urista, has the most electrifying stage presence, and accompanied by Andrea Belfiore on the drums, Garrett Cillo on the electric guitar, and Art Novoselsky slapping the bass, this band’s fun, funky, and soulful style of rock n’ roll is an act you’ll definitely want to see for yourself. I had the chance to sit down at Pete’s Tavern in the heart of Manhattan and share some food and beer with Art and Garrett before their headlining show at Irving Plaza. We talked about their muses, music, style, and how this powerhouse of a rock band came to be.

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Interview: Mattea Pyette

Interview by Savana Ogburn, photos courtesy of Mattea Pyette.

The title of Mattea Pyette’s debut album, Mindless, is the polar opposite of how I’d describe the 17 year old singer-songwriter- Mindless is a beautiful folk-pop album recorded in Pyette’s own DIY recording studio as part of an incredibly ambitious creative writing project. The album is permeated with rich acoustic guitar sounds and raw, emotional lyrics that are instantly relatable for…just about anyone with a heart. Mattea was kind enough to chat with me over the phone and tell me all about her love for music, DIY production, and the artists that inspire her to be the killer musician and lyricist that she is!

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Interview: Elyss Daya

By Savana Ogburn

Elyss Daya is a 17 year old singer-songwriter from London who has a knack for creating pure, sparkling, indie-electro PERFECTION. The proof is all in her debut EP, Brilliance, which she wrote, recorded, and produced all by herself! From the EP’s eponymous opening track, listeners are met with atmospheric synth sounds which crescendo into a heart-stopping explosion of acoustic guitars and bouncing drum beats, and it only gets better from there. Read on to learn more about Elyss’ songwriting and recording process, where she finds inspiration, and her best tips for overcoming stage fright.

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Interview: Wages

Interview by Sofia WolfsonPhoto by Miranda Maynard

Wages is an LA-based pop/rock/experimental band who just released their debut album, titled Glace. Though this will be the foursome’s first official release, they are far from new to the industry, already placing songs in big TV shows like Gossip Girl and The Flash. Their distinct style mixes modern elements of today’s pop scene with 1960’s psychedelic vibes, most prominent in their first single off of the new record, “Gotta.” I chatted with Nick and James of Wages about their writing process, recording their debut album, playing live, and more.

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Interview: Dave Rat

Interview by Kylie Obermeier

Drug rings, armed robbery, hookah stashing, cat burglar outfits and gopher snakes with broken necks–professional audiophile Dave Rat’s life is made for an action-packed biopic. Dave got his start recording bands like Black Flag and the Last on cassette as a high schooler during the LA punk scene of the late 70s and 80s. Since then, he has created speakers used at shows worldwide through his company, Rat Sound, and has mixed sound for countless bands. If you’ve gone to rawk shows, you’ve probably been to a show that used Rat speakers. Dave–who’s now based in Camarillo, CA–sat down with me to share incredible stories and wisdom on the morning of a work day ‘cause you can do that when you’re the boss. Fellow SB contributor Maddie Keyes-Levine accompanied me to provide snappy one-liners and remind her dad about the ridiculously high standards of today’s job market.

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On the Road: An Interview About Traveling for Music

By Lauren Tepfer

With festival season in full swing and the summer months coming to a peak, traveling for music has never been more present in our social, internet-driven lives. Lots of my friends have been spending the past few weeks together riding in buses, sleeping in cars and traveling in planes all for the sole purpose of music. Because I’m 17 and still in high school, I’ve spent the past few weeks living vicariously through them. I spoke to two of my friends, Erin and Amanda (I believe both gals truly embody the music lover persona), about their travels. Read on!

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Interview: Danielle Ernst

Words by Avery Kelly, photos of Danielle by Nicole Busch. All other photos courtesy of Danielle Ernst.

Danielle Ernst is a live music and portrait photographer based in Orange County and LA, known for her distinct style which frequently employs bright colors and surreal motifs to tell stories. Her super-cool live shots using prisms to distort the light make shows appear exactly the way they feel to an audience member: like a total dream. Through working with bands like Hunny, Walk the Moon, and Magic Man, she’s developed a style that’s completely hers and makes her stand out from the crowd of rising music photographers. I chatted with Danielle about how she got into the industry and found her place as a music photographer; read on for more!


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