Hey there! Thanks a bunch for clicking. If you’re thinking about sending us a submission, please take a minute to read these guidelines. We promise they’ll help you out!


  • PHOTOS: We’d love to see any photos that you took that relate to music (at a concert, of a band, your friends listening to music, a shrine to your fav band, etc. We love it all!). Please keep the files JPGS and the size at or under 5 MB (we don’t want any clogged inboxes, ya know?). You can send ’em in an email, via a Dropbox link, or even Google Drive. We also like for photos you send us to be unpublished. This means that the work you send shouldn’t have been posted to another publication’s website. If it’s been posted on your social media, no biggie- go ahead and send it over! Please also include a short description of how, why, of what, or where you took the photos.
  • FAN ART: Oh gosh, we love fan art. Like, a lot. If you’re an illustrator/painter/or just an artist in general and you want us to see (and maybe just post!) your music-related work or even be considered for an artist feature, please email us a link to your website/blog/social media and a short description of your work (think: medium[s], inspirations, etc). We also like for the art you send us to be unpublished. This means that the work you send shouldn’t have been posted to another publication’s website. If it’s been posted on your social media, no biggie- go ahead and send it over!
  • YOU/YOUR BAND’S MUSIC: We like to hear new music alllll the time. We promise. So please send us a link to your Soundcloud, Band Camp, or even Spotify with a short description of who you are and the music you’re making! Let us know what kind of feature you have in mind–  premiering a song/video/album (in this case, please send us a lyric sheet as well), doing an interview or review, etc– and we’ll get back to you ASAP.
  • PLAYLISTS: Please send us a link to a either a Spotify playlist (this is the preferred method!) or simply a typed playlist with a short description of why you put the songs together. We’re always stoked to hear what you’re jamming on (WOW Grandma alert)!
  • MUSIC AND ART RECS: You know that feeling when you start listening to a band for the first time, or you find a new artist/stylist/tech that you just LOVE SO MUCH THAT YOU JUST HAVE TO TELL SOMEONE?! We want you to tell US! Please send us anything that you’d like us to hear or possibly feature on the site. Make sure that you include a link to the artist’s website/social media and a short blurb about how you found them and why you’re into them! We especially love to highlight female, nonbinary, and LGBT musicians, so keep that in mind when sending us recs. 😉
  • DIYs & HOW-TOs: If you know how to make the perfect DIY band tee shirt (or absolutely any other fun craft that can pertain to music), please tell us about it! No need to write out a full how-to, just send us a photo of the project with a short blurb about what it is and a bit about how you made it. If we’re into what you’re doing, we’ll ask you about the rest of your process!
  • IDEAS: If you have any ideas for features, types of posts, or any #content you’d like to see on Sonic Blume, we definitely want to know about ’em. This is about you, after all! Drop us a line and let us know what you’re thinkin’.
  • LOVE NOTES: We accept these in any way, shape, or form. Email? Perfect. Carrier pigeon? Even better.


Note that by submitting material to us (including but not limited to: photos, videos, music, playlists, essays, and recommendations) you authorize us to alter it (generally this means editing written work!) and publish it with your name attached unless specified otherwise. Your work will always, always, always be credited!

A little somethin’ to keep in mind while submitting: We absolutely LOVE to hear from you guys, no questions asked! But sadly, we can’t accept every single submission that comes through. Keep in mind that we want your voice to *shine* in your submissions, but they do need to fit with Sonic Blume’s vibe in order to be published here! We’re not too picky, but we do like to keep things positive and fun around here. If you’re not sure whether your work will be a good fit for Sonic Blume, go ahead and send it! Odds are, it’s a-ok. We don’t bite, we promise!

If your submission doesn’t end up being published, please do not worry, and keep on sending stuff to us! We always want to hear your ideas and see your work.

Please note that we are not currently taking on new staff contributors, as we are operating on a submissions-only basis for the next few months. That being said, please continue to submit submit submit! 

Whew! If after reading all of that fun stuff, you have something you want us to see, please send it to (you can address it to Savana!). We absolutely cannot WAIT to hear from you!