Playlist: Parisian Reverie

I first happened upon the film Amelie a few years back while browsing through Netflix, and everything about the movie had me entranced. The storyline is enchanting and the color palette is totally Wes Anderson-esque, making it even more incredible. Basically, I couldn’t get enough of it. I made all my friends watch it, and even forced my dad to sit through it one night; since then, Amelie has taken a comfortable spot in my list of favorite movies. This summer, I had the incredible opportunity to spend some time in the stunning city of Paris, and I managed to fall in love with the place in only three days. Since then all of my inspiration has come from my short visit to the city of light. I rewatched Amelie recently, and after being in the setting of the film, I knew I had to create something inspired by it. So, I put together a few songs that embrace and reflect the feeling of Amelie and Paris itself. Enjoy!

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Interview: Danielle Ernst

Words by Avery Kelly, photos of Danielle by Nicole Busch. All other photos courtesy of Danielle Ernst.

Danielle Ernst is a live music and portrait photographer based in Orange County and LA, known for her distinct style which frequently employs bright colors and surreal motifs to tell stories. Her super-cool live shots using prisms to distort the light make shows appear exactly the way they feel to an audience member: like a total dream. Through working with bands like Hunny, Walk the Moon, and Magic Man, she’s developed a style that’s completely hers and makes her stand out from the crowd of rising music photographers. I chatted with Danielle about how she got into the industry and found her place as a music photographer; read on for more!


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