Playlist: An Ode to Effy Stonem

By Britney Forsyth

I stumbled upon the British T.V. show Skins only a few weeks ago; it’s a series following the lives of a group of teens trying to forge an identity, form friendships, and navigate through the teenage world of sex, drugs, and parties. In only the span of several days, I’ve come to adore and care deeply for Effy Stonem more than any other character. She taught me that trying to control a wild, tumultuous world is impossible. Life is simply an unstoppable force. This playlist is an ode to Effy, the mysterious, introspective, rebellious, free-spirited, daredevil queen. Hopefully, it’ll compel you to whip out some pink hair dye and sparkly pumps and dance to your heart’s content until the sun rises again. Enjoy!

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