The Best Acts of Governors Ball 2016

Words and photos by Megan Schaller

Three years ago, I looked to music festivals with a sense of mysticism and teenage yearning. At the time, I was still inexperienced enough to think that the idea of 30,000 tightly packed, sweaty armpits seemed strangely glamorous. While I’m no longer too naïve to let those delusions of grandeur fool me, there are some festivals that make three days of sleep deprivation, sunburn, and mile-long food lines worth it.

Yes, I suppose there is something alluring about moshing on a carpet of ripped-out grass stubs and crushed beer cans, or waiting an entire hour in 95-degree-heat to buy a $15 roll of lukewarm sushi. And yet, that’s not what keeps me coming back to Governor’s Ball Festival in New York City. At GovBall, it’s all about the music. This year’s lineup? The Strokes! The Killers! Kanye!

So here, without further ado, were the three favorite acts I saw throughout the two-day New York City festival. Had the third day of the festival not been cancelled for weather, all three of these acts would probably have been Kanye.

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