STARMAN: An Homage to David Bowie

Collages and writing by Andrea MG

David Bowie has this album called The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars it’s about an extraterrestrial rock star who comes to Earth and tries to save the world through his music. I love that album. I’m huge fan of music, and he is, by far, one of my favorite musicians. He was so important for all of the people who felt different and strange and I’m definitely one of them.

For me, Bowie was pretty extraordinary.

Here’s to Bowie and his fans.

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The Strokes at Capitol Theatre

Words and photos by Megan Schaller

There’s a very special magic in the air at any Strokes show, rare as those shows may be nowadays. Capitol Theatre, however, was an electric universe of its own. The surprise – but not unexpected – concert kicked off a magnetic week of New York City Strokes mania – a spontaneous EP release, a week-long pop-up shop, and a bewitching Governor’s Ball headlining set. Weeks later, I’m still reeling.

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