STARMAN: An Homage to David Bowie

Collages and writing by Andrea MG

David Bowie has this album called The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars it’s about an extraterrestrial rock star who comes to Earth and tries to save the world through his music. I love that album. I’m huge fan of music, and he is, by far, one of my favorite musicians. He was so important for all of the people who felt different and strange and I’m definitely one of them.

For me, Bowie was pretty extraordinary.

Here’s to Bowie and his fans.

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Photoset: Turn and Face the Strange

By Emma Jane Haas

These photos are both an ode to the great David Bowie and to my friend Kyra. We have been close for a long time and although we have both “changed” a lot and grown up in the past year, we are still close. These photos were taken throughout the last year, the most recent being from this summer. Although every friendship has ups and downs as people become more and more themselves, the ones that stick by you are important.

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Ziggy Forever: An Homage to David Bowie

Words and photos by Angela Levitan

I have always had a fascination with David Bowie.  His ability to constantly reinvent himself and be completely immersed in a particular persona was otherworldly to me.  Sometimes, I too long for that power- the power to be able to change who you are and how people see you.  To erase someone’s perception of you and completely start over would be absolutely sublime.  Bowie taught us that it is not only okay to be an oddity, but cool.  Being different is something you should be proud of, not ashamed of.  You are UNIQUE, not weird.  Listening to David Bowie’s music transports me into a world where I can be whoever or whatever I want, whether it’s Ziggy Stardust or the Thin White Duke.  From the simplistic folkiness of Hunky Dory to the funky “plastic soul”, as he once called it, of Young Americans, Bowie’s aura and attitude shine throughout.  He never failed to push the envelope as far as he possibly could and I hope to one day acquire a little Bowie attitude in myself.  RIP David, the world isn’t the same without you. ✿

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