LGBTQIA Love Tunes

By Ellie Bonfant

I put my many years of LGBTQIA+ song seeking to work this Valentine’s season by creating this queer-oriented Valentine’s Day mix. Enjoy!

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Monster Mash: a Playlist in Photos

By Ellie Bonifant

Every year I round up a group of pals and head downtown for a Monster Mash featuring photography and fun makeup. Despite a hurricane, a power outage, and more than a few fallen trees, the tradition continued this October. Here are the pictures from this year accompanied by a collection of my favorite spooky tunes. Hope you enjoy!

Thanks to Ava for helping with makeup.

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Photo Diary: Rocky Horror Picture Show

By Ellie Bonifant

I’ve been obsessed with Rocky Horror Picture Show since middle school, even though I didn’t actually get to go until I was 15. It’s such a fun experience, being able to scream-sing, rock out, and dress like the most glamorous space alien around. I have always loved the glitz and glam mixed with cult-classic punk rock aesthetic. The pictures and collage center around the process of getting ready for the show, and are all of my friend Sarah. Enjoy!

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