Interview: Grey…

Interview by Savana

When punk musician, writer, and DIYer Grey… wrote in about her new song, Hand in the Grave, I knew that we absolutely had to pick her brain in an interview. Grey…’s lyrics are blunt, honest, and infused with a passion that’s absolutely impossible to ignore. Grey…’s work encompasses just about every media you can imagine- from music to crafts to clothing to writing- and maintains her vibrant voice throughout them all. Read on for a sneak peek at Grey…’s upcoming EP, Clown in Residence, her artwork, and her golden advice to fellow young artists.

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Interview: Wages

Interview by Sofia WolfsonPhoto by Miranda Maynard

Wages is an LA-based pop/rock/experimental band who just released their debut album, titled Glace. Though this will be the foursome’s first official release, they are far from new to the industry, already placing songs in big TV shows like Gossip Girl and The Flash. Their distinct style mixes modern elements of today’s pop scene with 1960’s psychedelic vibes, most prominent in their first single off of the new record, “Gotta.” I chatted with Nick and James of Wages about their writing process, recording their debut album, playing live, and more.

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Interview: Danielle Ernst

Words by Avery Kelly, photos of Danielle by Nicole Busch. All other photos courtesy of Danielle Ernst.

Danielle Ernst is a live music and portrait photographer based in Orange County and LA, known for her distinct style which frequently employs bright colors and surreal motifs to tell stories. Her super-cool live shots using prisms to distort the light make shows appear exactly the way they feel to an audience member: like a total dream. Through working with bands like Hunny, Walk the Moon, and Magic Man, she’s developed a style that’s completely hers and makes her stand out from the crowd of rising music photographers. I chatted with Danielle about how she got into the industry and found her place as a music photographer; read on for more!


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Interview: Berry Robertson

Interview by Lennon Walter, photos courtesy of Berry Robertson

In the winter of 2015, I opened up the Youtube homepage on my laptop. There were a few recommended videos, but one caught my eye: a cover of “She” by Dodie Clark, titled “They”. I clicked on it. For the next few minutes I listened to a lovely romantic song sung by a young musician named Berry Robertson. I noticed two things: there aren’t any gendered pronouns in the song (more on that in our interview!) and Berry is quite talented! I’d describe their style as raw and acoustic- not much editing or sound mixing, just a kid with a guitar and a beautiful voice. Read on to hear Berry’s thoughts on queer representation in music, their low-key (but amazing!) approach to songwriting, and their very best advice to new musicians!  Continue reading

Interview: Sean Lochridge of Imp of Perverse

Interview by Andrew Sanyshyn, Photos c/o Sean Lochridge

Sean Lochridge is the creative force behind the psychedelic band, Imp of Perverse, as well as the drummer of the Austin, Texas band The Halfways. Imp of Perverse came about for the same reason most musicians start a solo project: they want something that is one hundred percent unique to themselves. Sean dives into his solo project with a mindset that is drenched in psychedelia, sprinkled with folk, and topped off with intricate drumming. I spoke with him recently about his foundations in music, the best live show he’s ever played, and some of his favorite bands.

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Interview: Sofia Wolfson

Interview by Lauren Tepfer

Sofia Wolfson is a 16 year old singer-songwriter from Los Angeles. Her debut album Hunker Down was just released this January and it is absolutely PHENOMENAL. But music isn’t her only extracurricular, by any means! When she’s not songwriting, Sofia’s into exploring museums, scoring films, collecting records and playing at clubs all over LA. I first came across Sofia after reading her piece in the Clover Letter and soon after following her on Spotify, I became absolutely immersed in her musical genius. To get a better idea of Sofia’s vibe, picture this: if HAIM announced that they were in search of a fourth member to join their girl squad, no one would be better to take the spot than Sofia Wolfson! I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Sofia about her music, inspiration and everything inbetween, so read on to hear her genius!

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Interview: Yasmine Panah

Interview and illustration by Megan Schaller

Yasmine Panah is a girl just like you, and she’s living your dream. Meet the 21-year-old mega-babe living in New York City who turned her lifelong love of music into a badass career. Most recently, she worked as a marketing & management guru at Cult Records, Julian Casablancas’s (yeah – that Julian Casablancas!) NYC indie record label, and just started working at a media agency called WMA in Brooklyn, NY. Read on for career advice, feminist dogma, and stories from behind the scenes of the music and entertainment biz.

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Fan Art Friday #1: Megan Schaller

Interview by Savana Ogburn

I first stumbled upon Megan Schaller (aka @megandoods)’s art while making my daily rounds on Instagram (aka laying in bed, scrolling through my endless explore page, avoiding getting up). I was instantly drawn to her work- something about her minimalist portraits in dreamy pastel hues was so inspiring to me (even as a self professed maximalist!). Megan was kind enough to be interviewed for SB, and I am SO THRILLED to share her words of wisdom with you! Read on, and check out Megan’s killer work on Instagram and Redbubble.  Continue reading