The Most Beautiful Song

By Jessia Khalis

When it comes to music, I’m a firm believer that everyone has their own unique experience when listening to songs. There’s always that one song that connects with you in a way that only you can relate to. It is as if the song is written just for you. In a tribute to this feeling, I decided to ask a few people about the one song that they think is the most beautiful.

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Why I Listen to Songs in Foreign Languages

Words by Jessia Khalis

One of my favorite things to do is listening to songs in languages I don’t understand. Some people think it’s necessary to understand the lyrics in order to fully appreciate the music. But I think there’s something about listening to how the instruments sound, and how each of the words are being pronounced; that’s what makes it such an interesting experience. It forces you to give the song your own meaning and you don’t have to be right about it. After all, listening to music, to me, is a very personal experience. You are free to feel however you want to feel, and your interpretation is not limited to the lyrics; it’s about how the music makes you feel.

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Sonic Blume’s Definitive Springtime Playlist

By Andrea Stoica, Emmy Tantuccio, Jessia Khalis, Kenedee Hodges, Lauren Tepfer, & Savana Ogburn


It’s spraaaaangtime! You know what that means: Sweaty jeans and pollen up your nose-holes, 24/7. Yay! Pop an anti-allergy pill, go outside, and DANCE YR SOCKS OFF TO SONIC BLUME’S DEFINITIVE SPRINGTIME PLAYLIST!

Let us know what you think of our mix in the comments, and maybe even send us a mix of your own! 🌼

Photos by Savana Ogburn

Interview: Cherie Ko

Collages and interview by Jessia Khalis

Header photo by Juffrie Friday

Having studied in Singapore for four years, I only recently realized that Asia’s little red dot has tons of hidden gems in the music and art spheres. Thanks to Singapore: Inside Out, one of the most recent art events in Singapore, I came across Pastelpower — the electronic bedroom project of musician Cherie Ko. The first time I heard them play, I fell in love. But that’s not the entire story. I decided to get to know Cherie and pick her brain about her other projects and surprises outside of the Pastelpower moniker. Read on to hear her gems of wisdom!

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