How to Make a Killer Playlist

Words and graphic by Jo Guelas

Have you ever wanted to make a playlist for the world to enjoy but didn’t know where to begin? Well, in three easy steps you can *master* the art of playlists. Don’t worry, your girl Jo (me!) has your back.

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Golden Record: Two Playlists in Collaboration with HERpothesis!

Playlists by Savana Ogburn, Kylie Obermeier, Jo Guelas, and Megan Schaller.

X-Files joke by Maddie Keyes-Levine. 😉

Here at Sonic Blume, we LOVE finding and supporting fellow zines and creators. HERpothesis, Alex Hanson’s amazing zine by and for young women in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), is one of our absolute favorites! When Alex asked us to collab on HERpothesis’s very own Golden Record project, we were STOKED!

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Essay: Jazz is Dead

By Jo Guelas

Jazz. A label associated with brass, dance and America. A music filled with so much life and force — but to the most people, it appears to be dying. Drowning amongst pop songs and dubstep, it seems that the fate of jazz will resemble the one of dusty library books that have never seen the time of day. But is Jazz truly dead? Or does it — to quote Frank Zappa — just smell funny?

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Playlist: Pro Sleeping With Socks

Words and playlist by Jo Guelas

I’ve got a weird affinity for lo-fi, almost 90s, almost garage band music. The kind where you can prominently hear the guitar in low fidelity, and it’s like you can feel heaven calling you from above. I love it to shreds, but I’ve never really found a playlist where I can jam my socks off to it. Thus, I have created my brainchild: Pro Sleeping With Socks. It really it should be titled Pro Socks in general- they’re the best thing to happen to humankind.

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