Golden Record: Two Playlists in Collaboration with HERpothesis!

Playlists by Savana Ogburn, Kylie Obermeier, Jo Guelas, and Megan Schaller.

X-Files joke by Maddie Keyes-Levine. 😉

Here at Sonic Blume, we LOVE finding and supporting fellow zines and creators. HERpothesis, Alex Hanson’s amazing zine by and for young women in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), is one of our absolute favorites! When Alex asked us to collab on HERpothesis’s very own Golden Record project, we were STOKED!

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Review: Mitski

By Kylie Obermeier, Photos by Madeline Keyes-Levine

Mitski does not begin her set by addressing the audience. She lowers her gaze and sighs a series of angelic “oohs” over crashing cymbals that blend into one big whisper. The patron saint of all those who find adulthood just as angst-filled as teenage-hood (minus the romanticism) welcomes her devotees with what might come off as cool detachment. Or maybe she’s just working up the nerve to acknowledge the 700 or so people staring at her.

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Interview: Dave Rat

Interview by Kylie Obermeier

Drug rings, armed robbery, hookah stashing, cat burglar outfits and gopher snakes with broken necks–professional audiophile Dave Rat’s life is made for an action-packed biopic. Dave got his start recording bands like Black Flag and the Last on cassette as a high schooler during the LA punk scene of the late 70s and 80s. Since then, he has created speakers used at shows worldwide through his company, Rat Sound, and has mixed sound for countless bands. If you’ve gone to rawk shows, you’ve probably been to a show that used Rat speakers. Dave–who’s now based in Camarillo, CA–sat down with me to share incredible stories and wisdom on the morning of a work day ‘cause you can do that when you’re the boss. Fellow SB contributor Maddie Keyes-Levine accompanied me to provide snappy one-liners and remind her dad about the ridiculously high standards of today’s job market.

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Playlist: Dream Prom

Words and playlist by Kylie Obermeier, art by Madeline Keyes-Levine

If your prom was anything like mine, the DJ was on point with the let’s-get-this-party-started jams (“Low” by T-Pain anyone?) but was a real mess in the slow jamz department. Despite now being an ancient crone, I am still very obsessed with making the perfect collection of magical songs to soundtrack the prom of my dreams. I was of course inspired by all the great cinematic prom scenes (Virgin Suicides, Freaks and Geeks, Pretty in Pink) but I didn’t want the playlist to be stuck in any one decade. I picked songs spanning from the 50’s to 2016 that all evoke immediate nostalgia but hopefully add up to a timeless whole.

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