On the Road: An Interview About Traveling for Music

By Lauren Tepfer

With festival season in full swing and the summer months coming to a peak, traveling for music has never been more present in our social, internet-driven lives. Lots of my friends have been spending the past few weeks together riding in buses, sleeping in cars and traveling in planes all for the sole purpose of music. Because I’m 17 and still in high school, I’ve spent the past few weeks living vicariously through them. I spoke to two of my friends, Erin and Amanda (I believe both gals truly embody the music lover persona), about their travels. Read on!

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Interview: Sofia Wolfson

Interview by Lauren Tepfer

Sofia Wolfson is a 16 year old singer-songwriter from Los Angeles. Her debut album Hunker Down was just released this January and it is absolutely PHENOMENAL. But music isn’t her only extracurricular, by any means! When she’s not songwriting, Sofia’s into exploring museums, scoring films, collecting records and playing at clubs all over LA. I first came across Sofia after reading her piece in the Clover Letter and soon after following her on Spotify, I became absolutely immersed in her musical genius. To get a better idea of Sofia’s vibe, picture this: if HAIM announced that they were in search of a fourth member to join their girl squad, no one would be better to take the spot than Sofia Wolfson! I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Sofia about her music, inspiration and everything inbetween, so read on to hear her genius!

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Live Photos: The Fire and the Flood Tour

By Andrea Stoica and Lauren Tepfer

Our fab photographers, Lauren Tepfer and Andrea Stoica, trekked out to the Philly and Phoenix stops of Australian singer-songwriter, Vance Joy’s, Fire and the Flood Tour! Luckily, they were able to catch all three of VJ’s killer openers, too- Jamie Lawson, Blind Pilot, and Elle King. Holy dream team!

Check out Lauren and Andrea’s rad photos of Vance Joy, Jamie Lawson, Blind Pilot, & Elle King, and let us know what you think in the comments! ✿

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Sonic Blume’s Definitive Springtime Playlist

By Andrea Stoica, Emmy Tantuccio, Jessia Khalis, Kenedee Hodges, Lauren Tepfer, & Savana Ogburn


It’s spraaaaangtime! You know what that means: Sweaty jeans and pollen up your nose-holes, 24/7. Yay! Pop an anti-allergy pill, go outside, and DANCE YR SOCKS OFF TO SONIC BLUME’S DEFINITIVE SPRINGTIME PLAYLIST!

Let us know what you think of our mix in the comments, and maybe even send us a mix of your own! 🌼

Photos by Savana Ogburn