DIY Lyric Tee Shirt

By Lennon Walter

Remember the puffy fabric paint you used to decorate your old clothes with? Let’s take this allll the way back to 2012, because this tutorial is here to help you make the band t-shirt of your dreams!

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Interview: Berry Robertson

Interview by Lennon Walter, photos courtesy of Berry Robertson

In the winter of 2015, I opened up the Youtube homepage on my laptop. There were a few recommended videos, but one caught my eye: a cover of “She” by Dodie Clark, titled “They”. I clicked on it. For the next few minutes I listened to a lovely romantic song sung by a young musician named Berry Robertson. I noticed two things: there aren’t any gendered pronouns in the song (more on that in our interview!) and Berry is quite talented! I’d describe their style as raw and acoustic- not much editing or sound mixing, just a kid with a guitar and a beautiful voice. Read on to hear Berry’s thoughts on queer representation in music, their low-key (but amazing!) approach to songwriting, and their very best advice to new musicians!  Continue reading