Golden Record: Two Playlists in Collaboration with HERpothesis!

Playlists by Savana Ogburn, Kylie Obermeier, Jo Guelas, and Megan Schaller.

X-Files joke by Maddie Keyes-Levine. 😉

Here at Sonic Blume, we LOVE finding and supporting fellow zines and creators. HERpothesis, Alex Hanson’s amazing zine by and for young women in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), is one of our absolute favorites! When Alex asked us to collab on HERpothesis’s very own Golden Record project, we were STOKED!

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The Best Acts of Governors Ball 2016

Words and photos by Megan Schaller

Three years ago, I looked to music festivals with a sense of mysticism and teenage yearning. At the time, I was still inexperienced enough to think that the idea of 30,000 tightly packed, sweaty armpits seemed strangely glamorous. While I’m no longer too naïve to let those delusions of grandeur fool me, there are some festivals that make three days of sleep deprivation, sunburn, and mile-long food lines worth it.

Yes, I suppose there is something alluring about moshing on a carpet of ripped-out grass stubs and crushed beer cans, or waiting an entire hour in 95-degree-heat to buy a $15 roll of lukewarm sushi. And yet, that’s not what keeps me coming back to Governor’s Ball Festival in New York City. At GovBall, it’s all about the music. This year’s lineup? The Strokes! The Killers! Kanye!

So here, without further ado, were the three favorite acts I saw throughout the two-day New York City festival. Had the third day of the festival not been cancelled for weather, all three of these acts would probably have been Kanye.

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The Strokes at Capitol Theatre

Words and photos by Megan Schaller

There’s a very special magic in the air at any Strokes show, rare as those shows may be nowadays. Capitol Theatre, however, was an electric universe of its own. The surprise – but not unexpected – concert kicked off a magnetic week of New York City Strokes mania – a spontaneous EP release, a week-long pop-up shop, and a bewitching Governor’s Ball headlining set. Weeks later, I’m still reeling.

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Interview: Yasmine Panah

Interview and illustration by Megan Schaller

Yasmine Panah is a girl just like you, and she’s living your dream. Meet the 21-year-old mega-babe living in New York City who turned her lifelong love of music into a badass career. Most recently, she worked as a marketing & management guru at Cult Records, Julian Casablancas’s (yeah – that Julian Casablancas!) NYC indie record label, and just started working at a media agency called WMA in Brooklyn, NY. Read on for career advice, feminist dogma, and stories from behind the scenes of the music and entertainment biz.

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Fan Art Friday #1: Megan Schaller

Interview by Savana Ogburn

I first stumbled upon Megan Schaller (aka @megandoods)’s art while making my daily rounds on Instagram (aka laying in bed, scrolling through my endless explore page, avoiding getting up). I was instantly drawn to her work- something about her minimalist portraits in dreamy pastel hues was so inspiring to me (even as a self professed maximalist!). Megan was kind enough to be interviewed for SB, and I am SO THRILLED to share her words of wisdom with you! Read on, and check out Megan’s killer work on Instagram and Redbubble.  Continue reading