Feature: Psychic Wave

By Sam Hsu and Psychic Wave

Since the inception of Sonic Blume, we’ve had the pleasure of working with California-based psych rock band, Psychic Wave. We’ve premiered their music video for the killer song, “Fight Back”, and Drew (P. W.’s lead singer) has created some amazing work for us too! All in all, we’re mad inspired by their vibey, psychedelic music and love having them onboard- from creating not only music, but also visual art including a clothing line, they’re total creative masterminds- and we think you should be too. Without further adieu, here’s Sonic Blume and Psychic Wave’s very first collaboration, featuring photos and an interview by the talented Sam Hsu.

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Video Premiere: Fight Back by Psychic Wave

By Psychic Wave and Sonic Blume

We’re stoked to premiere California-based psych rock band, Psychic Wave’s, BRAND NEW music video for “Fight Back” exclusively on Sonic Blume! Here’s Andrew on the inspiration behind the video…

The inspiration for our song, “Fight Back”, came from some punk bands I’d been listening to. I took horror elements and just ran with it, the rest came out of that seed. For the video, I mostly just knew I wanted to make fake blood and cover Tess, our bassist, in it. I wanted the video to be based around having someone else take control of you and your life. In the video, Tess is forced to drink some strange liquid and then goes into a blood-filled trance. At the end of the video the bottle containing the liquid is in her fridge and she decides to drink it, this time by her own free will. Viewers can take it however they want, and I don’t want to over-explain because I think the video can be interpreted many different ways. That’s how I wanted it!

Keep up with Psychic Wave on their website. ✿

Interview: Sean Lochridge of Imp of Perverse

Interview by Andrew Sanyshyn, Photos c/o Sean Lochridge

Sean Lochridge is the creative force behind the psychedelic band, Imp of Perverse, as well as the drummer of the Austin, Texas band The Halfways. Imp of Perverse came about for the same reason most musicians start a solo project: they want something that is one hundred percent unique to themselves. Sean dives into his solo project with a mindset that is drenched in psychedelia, sprinkled with folk, and topped off with intricate drumming. I spoke with him recently about his foundations in music, the best live show he’s ever played, and some of his favorite bands.

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