Music Rec: Mirel Wagner

A few weeks ago, I came across a playlist on Spotify called Coffee + Inked Fingers. It included the song Oak Tree by Mirel Wagner; the song spoke to me and was so mesmerizing, so gloomy. I fell in love the moment she sang the first note. So I immediately researched, listened, and downloaded more songs from her.

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Playlist: You Only Need Yourself

By Amanda Headley

This playlist is dedicated to the three stages I experienced during and after my first heartbreak: I went from weepy to angry to empowered. The songs included in each playlist are the songs that got me through the pain; each made me realize I am going to be okay; that there is beauty in the hurt.

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Playlist: Pro Sleeping With Socks

Words and playlist by Jo Guelas

I’ve got a weird affinity for lo-fi, almost 90s, almost garage band music. The kind where you can prominently hear the guitar in low fidelity, and it’s like you can feel heaven calling you from above. I love it to shreds, but I’ve never really found a playlist where I can jam my socks off to it. Thus, I have created my brainchild: Pro Sleeping With Socks. It really it should be titled Pro Socks in general- they’re the best thing to happen to humankind.

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Sonic Blume’s Definitive Springtime Playlist

By Andrea Stoica, Emmy Tantuccio, Jessia Khalis, Kenedee Hodges, Lauren Tepfer, & Savana Ogburn


It’s spraaaaangtime! You know what that means: Sweaty jeans and pollen up your nose-holes, 24/7. Yay! Pop an anti-allergy pill, go outside, and DANCE YR SOCKS OFF TO SONIC BLUME’S DEFINITIVE SPRINGTIME PLAYLIST!

Let us know what you think of our mix in the comments, and maybe even send us a mix of your own! 🌼

Photos by Savana Ogburn